Why Choose Us?

5 Reasons you will get more than you expect when engaging Sarpel Homes Pty Ltd for your project:

1. Unique Designs

Whether you choose one of our designs or wish for a custom one off design we will work with you to ensure that your home covers all bases from unique design features and personalised space, whilst remaining within your budget. We tailor our service to your exacting requirements and we listen.

2. Concept to Completion

Sarpel Homes will be with you all the way from concept to completion. During the entire process you will be working with our team to ensure satisfaction and to ensure your home reflects your needs and wants. This means you deal with ONE company from start to finish.

3. Meticulous Detail

A design is only as good as the finished product. We ensure the use of quality tradesmen and materials to ensure we are uncompromising in creating a product that exceeds your highest expectations. A superior finished product that is ‘built for life’.

4. Value that Lasts

Not only will your home be built to last but your home’s value will stand the test of time. If you ever decide to sell your home you will realise that not only have you and your family enjoyed the benefits of a Sarpel Home but what a great investment building with Sarpel Homes has proved to be. Many of our customers have exceeded market values at time of sale.

5. Our Guarantee

We stand by our product. With a 90 day maintenance period and a 6 year structural warranty. Allowing you the security in the knowledge that you have a builder that stand by what they have produced. We offer you quality, design, service and warranty it’s impossible to find a better value.